Friday, September 18, 2009

Link to the following examples as we cover each topic.

Organize your material for:

Use storyboards to help you plan

Make your stories more interactive
Link to full reports and other supporting material, including related stories.
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Respect the audience's time
Use clear, straightforward headlines.

  • "After a tornado, a Kansas town rebuilds green"
    (, 9/22/09)
  • "Stocks spike to 1-year highs"
    (, 9/22/09)
  • "FDA ban on flavored cigarettes takes effect"
    ( 9/22/09)

Clever headlines work when they're in context:
"In Va., it's all about roots"
(, 9/22/09)
2. No long, anecdotal leads.
3. Rewrite A/V scripts for the Web, don't just transcribe.
NPR example
Exception: Times' Debate Analysis Tool